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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 4, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the victim on her way to an attorney ship. >> the victim was soaked in blood. when i saw her, she had a white blouse on or white top. then as i looked at her, it instantly turned red. >> we got paper towels, put pressure on the wound, made sure she was coherent. she was shaken up but she stayed conscious. >> reporter: witnesses say the woman dropped the knife by the manhole cover. the suspect picked up her high heel, put it on then headed up 7th street. >> everyone was getting out of the way, not making an indication to stop her. >> reporter: patrick was worried somebody else would get hurt so he ran across the street. >> at that point, i jumped her, tackled her to the ground and sat on her until the police came. >> reporter: you see him holding down the suspect in a photo took on a cell phone minutes later police were on
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the scene. >> for the good samaritans do do what they did, hats off to them. they helped the victim of the stabbing and stop the suspect from leaving the scene. >> the times we are living in, all citizens need to be concerned about each other. i have two kids and i wouldn't -- i got sisters. i wouldn't want them to be in a situation where if something happened, no one comes to your rescue. >> while all of this was going on, there was a bomb scare over that way and the president was paying a visit just a block or so away. another hectic day at 7th and nine northwest. beth parker, fox 5 news. police arrested melody brevard of southeast washington. she is charged with assault with intent to kill. national public radio issued a statement saying the victim is in stable condition. a spokesperson says the entire staff is shocked and deeply concerned.
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breaking news out of california. a federal appeals court ruled that a ban on same sex marriage in the state is unconstitutional. they defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. today's ruling does. bring an end to the debate. lawyers that argued on behalf of prop 8 filed papers to stay the judge's decision before it was issued so if they lost, gay couples could not marry pending an appeal. caught on camera, a stunning ending to a police chase in maryland. police were chasing two men in an s.u.v. believed to be suspects in an armed robbery. when they got to this one lane bridge, a police cruiser blocked the pathway of the s.u.v. take a look at what happened next. the driver actually threw the s.u.v. in reverse and drop up over the top of the cruiser. other officers were there waiting to arrest. two 17 year olds and a 15-year-
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old are facing numerous charges. explosives found in a maryland neighborhood, investigators are on the scene in the 6200 block of hanover road. they say it's expired dynamite. they don't know why it's there. they shut down hanover so no one can drive or walk by until it's removed. we are following developments in the case of an alleged drunk driver accused of killing a nun and injuring two others in an accident over the weekend. carlos montan no is being held in jail. the commonwealth attorney put in place a plan to try him for murder. matt ackland is following it. >> reporter: he will need the approval of a grand jury to strengthen the manslaughter charge to felony murder. he plans to take the case to the grand jury in september. the reason he wants this murder charge is because the suspect has been convicted of drunk driving twice before. we are learning more about what
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lead up to that horrible accident near manassas sunday morning. in court papers, we found out the arresting officer spoke to carlos martinelli montan no at the hospital nothing the accident. there he allegedly told the officer he consumed coarse beer the night before the accident but he stopped drinking before 11:00 p.m. he told the officer he thought he was sober the next morning around 8:00 when he got in his car. he apparently told the officer he was heading to the prince william county landfill when the accident took place. >> he was here drinking saturday night. i was at work. >> reporter: last night we spoke with his fiance, nancy ava louse. the family home is a short distance from the benedictine sisters. >> to this moment, i can't believe all of this is
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happening. i feel really sorry. i apologize to anyone that was hurt, any of their loved ones. i'm really sorry. i don't think that he meant any of it. i'm sure if he knew any of this would have happened he never would have got behind the wheel. he is not a bad person. >> reporter: there will be no mercy from prosecutors. paul he better told fox 5 the current manslaughter charge doesn't fit the crime. in his opinion, this is a clear case of murder. he was arraigned early this morning. the court clerk says at this point he does not have an attorney. the next could you recall hearing is scheduled october 13th. >> what about the immigration in our area. is there anything new. >> he was a waiting a deportation ruling at the time of the accident. was convicted of two previous duis. many believe he should not have been behind the wheel. the department of homeland security launched an internal investigation into the matter
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as he sits in jail charged right now with manslaughter. >> thank you. the owners of love nightclub have filed for bankruptcy. an attorney for mark and ann barns say by filing chapter 11 they are trying to manage creditors as they attempt to sell d.c.'s largest nightclub. it was shut down by police on new year's day after a stabbing. hundreds of people are visiting the washington convention center for a rare event going on right now, free health care. it's available for uninsured patients in d.c., maryland and virginia. the clinic started this morning at 11:00. karen gray houston has been there today. she is live at the convention center with the latest. hi. >> reporter: hey, laura. the clinic is still open. there is a lot of business going on here. let me give you the lay of the land. these guys in the red t-shirts, those are volunteers. they have given up their time for free today. these guys over here are processing some of the folks coming in. if you take a look over here on this side, you see a lot of
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people waiting in the audience. they have been through the line. they are waiting to hear their number called. i think you heard a number in the 800s called. they will be called eventually then get a chance to see a doctor. this has been an amazing event with an incredible turnout. it wasn't quite as simple as take a number and wait in line. walk-ins and those with appointments stood in lines, some for hours to hear the magic words, the doctor will see you now. the free medical services were sponsored by the national association of free clinics. 10% of drveg r d.c. -- d.c. residents have no health insurance. it may seem like an insignificant number to you, unless you are the one who is uninsured. >> i know they have the doctors and eye clinic. so, anything else, i'm going to
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take advantage of. >> while you are here, if you want one, you could get a physical exam. >> i don't know that. can i get one. i'll dot whole shebang. >> i kicked off with a pep rally: there were serious words of encouragement from a local congresswoman. >> you are taking care of some of our most vulnerable people, people who live on the edge, people that lost their jobs. >> reporter: and rap from the hip-hop doctor. >> stay away from drugs and work hard. >> reporter: sandwiched in between were health screenings and tests for things like hiv, diabetes and cancer all for the uninsured which doesn't always mean unemployed. >> some own their own businesses, some work for small businesses that aren't able to provide for them. dozens of doctors and nurses volunteered their services for free. one monticello patient was
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taken to an area hospital by ambulance. back out live at the washington convention center, you see the patients over here, they are getting closer to getting to a medical treatment area. those medical examining rooms are in the blue screens, the blue draping over there, the other side of where people are being examined and being screened for health treatment. the doors here at the convention center close at 7:00. we are told they cannot take one more walk in client. if you are inside the convention center in exhibit hall c right now, you will be seen. you will get a chance to see a doctor tonight. >> what a wonderful opportunity for so many that need it. you mentioned this yesterday but what about follow-up care? what if they find they need follow-ups, where do they go? >> what they are doing is trying to hook them up with local resources, places here in town, charitable units and hospitals that will give them surgery if they need it and free clinics that can help them out.
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>> karen gray houston, thanks very much. more progress 107 days after oil started leaking in the gulf. bp says the static kill procedure is working and keeping oil from the broken well contained. president obama says the end could be near. chris gutierrez is in empire, louisiana, with the latest. >> reporter: after criticism over its handling of the oil spill in the gulf, the white house gets good news from bp. >> efforts to stop the well through what is called a static kill appear to be working. so, the long battle to stop the leak and contain the oil is finally close to coming to an end. >> we have reached a static condition in the well that allows us to have high confidence that there will be no oil leaking into the environment. >> reporter: there is concern over some methods used to get rid of the massive oil slicks. >> two types of chemical
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disbursant has been used. one was identified as highly toxic about one month into its use. >> reporter: according to the epa, the disabout your sants used are not hurting the environment. >> thus far both the modeling data shows that they are not persistent in the environment. disburse assistants are not depleting oxygen in the water to dangerous levels. >> reporter: news the static kill method was working was welcome in the gulf. some say about time. >> it took us over 100 days to cap the oil leakage. that seems kind of -- you know, unlikely that that would have to be a scenario. >> reporter: the white house prom mixes to continue -- promises to continue its recovery effort. >> there is a lot of work to do. this government will be here every step of the way to do that work. >> reporter: the epa says long- term monitoring of the gulf will be necessary to ensure
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that the seafood stays safe. in empire, louisiana, chris gutierrez, fox news. a rally on capitol hill over offshore drilling in the gulf. dozens of workers attendeded rally. they are upset over the six month moratorium they want to remind congress that the energy sector is important to the u.s. economy. foam is coating the side of a building after a small plane crash. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. the story is coming up. could this be what is bugging you? bedbugs are a problem in many metropolitan cities. 
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the first week of redskins training camp is coming to a close. today a special visit made a visit to redskins park. feldy, who showed up today. >> reporter: the commissioner and john madden who is an ambassador for the nfl. the hall of fame coach and retired broadcaster. first coach shanahan was in a
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generous mode today. he gave portis, johnson, moss, phillip daniels and jamal brown the morning practice off because they are vets. so, they got to watch on the field. albert haynesworth is ramping up his off season and current season program and, yes, he hasn't practiced officially. he missed the 7th straight day today but is bothered by a swollen left knee. helmet on, working the sled for trainers and coaches. mike shanahan has not given a future date when he will attempt the conditioning test again saying only when the knee is ready. the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell came on a sweltering day. he was talking to selected fans, community groups and patients from walter reed hospital. he said a couple of things like we are paying rookies too much and said owners and players want the football to continue
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so there won't be a lock out. he was joined by john madden, the former broadcaster and raiders great. he was asked to give a prediction on how the redskins under mike shanahan would do under 2011. >> the skins will be vastly improved. i have a lot of respect for mike shanahan and his coaching talent. he will bring in a program and put in a system and they will be good. donovan mcnabb to me has been one of the tough quarterbacks in the nfl. >> coming up later on in the show, we will hear what the commissioner had to say about albert haynesworth and the failing the test fiasco. history made on the diamond in yankee stadium involving a rod. yankees hosting the blue jays. alex rodriguez takes shawn marcum to deep center field. he becomes the 7th play to hit 600 home runs at 35 years old,
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he is the youngest to accomplish the feat. it ends his homerless streak. he missed the team photo. his image will have to be superimposed. lindsey murphy joins me later. live from sweltering ashburn, virginia, back to you. >> get back inside. cool off. thanks for the update. we would like to remind to you check out the job shop. the job of the day is at hlp solutions. they are looking for a payroll administrator. for more information, go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of the home page. investigators in arizona are trying to find out what caused a deadly plane crash. the accident happened this morning near deer valley airport in phoenix. the pilot was trying to land when it crashed into an industrial building and burst into flames. the pilot died in the crash and
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was believed to be the only one on board. he targeted his managers. that is what police are saying about the gunman in the workplace shooting spree in connecticut yesterday. omar thornton killed eight people at a beer distributor ship where he worked then himself. before the shootings his supervisors called him in and showed him video proof that he was stealing beer. the two people that escorted him out were the first victims. >> at the conclusion of the meeting, he went back in the kitchen area, asked for a drink of area and we believe at that point he got the lunchbox with the gun and took it out. >> thornton's relatives claimed he was the victim of racial harassment at work. the company says no complaint has ever been filed. virginia governor wants to give state troopers the power to act as immigration and custom agents. he spent months trying to make an agreement with the federal
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government to deep pa tests the troops. it would allow them to make status checks and deport people for deportation. feldy just alluded to it. it's sweltering out there. if you like today, you will love tomorrow. first we have to get through tonight. >> gary, it's thick and ewe out there. >> this is training camp weather. they can get in shape big time working out in stuff like this. be careful, though. tomorrow will be oppressive, worst than today. a big line of showers and thunderstorms. this is coming out of pennsylvania, west virginia. it's about to work into western sections of maryland. all of this is severe. it looks like within the next two hours it will be on i-81 then after that it will be moving in our direction. this line of showers and thunderstorms,arof a large complex has the same characteristics as the thunderstorms that moved
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through a couple of thunderstorms that provided the wind damage for us. that's why we will keep an eye on this. it's movg out 50 to 60 miles per hour. wl weaken a little bit before it gets here but i expect severe weather out of this line as it moves from the northwest to the southeast. more coming up in the complete forecast and we will talk about the heat. there is a heat advisory issued. >> thank you. you are not the only one out and about enjoying the summer weather. mosquitoes are more than annoying, they are dangerous. and here is a story that will have you talking tomorrow, a jack russell terrier ate his owner's big toe. the dog is being hailed a hero.  imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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a fox 5 health alert on the
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risk of contracting molar i can't. the majority of those at risk are in central and southeast asia. infection rates are low in africa because of a genetic trait that protects most people. an amazing but stomach turning story about how a dog saved his owner's life by biting off his big toe. the jack russell terrier did the damage while his owner was asleep after having too much to drink. when the man's wife rushed him to the emergency room, they found out he had a dangerously high blood sugar level. he was diabetic and didn't know it. the dog chewed an infection the man had for months caused by the disease. >> it's a wake-up call to anybody -- if you have any of them symptoms, go to the doctor or you will end up without a
5:26 pm
tow. i'm lucky to end up without a foot. >> he will throw a concert called toe jam 2010 to raise money for the diabetes foundation. we could have done without that. >> we could have done without the whole story, really. >> you know, you heard stories before that animals can sense and infection like that. it's gross but -- >> how do you have so much to drink you don't realize your toe -- >> i was thinking the same thing. >> thanks goodness he is okay. are you criminals eyeing your ride? >> tonight one local government is putting new technology to the test. will it be the key to curbing the crime? 
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another stomach turning story. if you don't have them, chances
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are you could get bedbugs in your home. they have made a resurgence in the last few years, not just in hotels and apartment buildings. melanie alnwick is here with more. >> reporter: clothing stores and offices. local pest management companies say they are going out on ten times as many calls as they used to. people are more aware of the problem and it isn't going away. >> bed bugs are real. it's not a fairy tale. >> reporter: they are becoming more real for a growing number of cities. the critters aren't just hiding out in bedding any more. major clothing stores and offices in new york city had to be shut down for bedbug treatment and hotels are being more vigilant than ever. >> three years ago it was not on anybody's radar screen. now all of a sudden it just popped up. >> reporter: from the american hotel and lodging association,
5:31 pm
they say the bugs are excellent hitchhikers, tracked in and out by travelers. >> they bring it in on the suitcase, briefcase, stuffed animals of children, on their clothes. >> reporter: accuweather believes the warmer than usual weather is bringing them out of hiding. body heat is what attraction them. >> -- attracts them. >> they come after you. they can sense your breathing. >> reporter: once you got them, it takes a briefly to get them out barton started using a high heat treatment. >> the temperature of the room, over 125 degrees can kill the bedbugs in there. >> reporter: there are some things you can do to keep them from crawling your way, keep suitcases and clothing off floors. look for brown spots an linens
5:32 pm
and report any suspicions. bedbugs do bite but they don't discriminate. not keeping them a secret is the best way to prevent them from spreading. the d.c. health department office training programs to communities. we have that on our web site. i know you ladies were interested -- it's actually bigger, i think, this bedbug than we thought it was. >> i don't think i ever -- >> do you have to get rid of a mattress that is contaminated. >> if it's completely infested, sometimes they have to. but they do have these special covers that will keep the bedbugs, if there are eggs in there to keep it from coming out. >> the other thing i learned, they like us better than they like the men. >> >> i think it's the hair. they would rather get right to the bite than have to work for it. >> quit shaving your legs. >> it's gross. >> it's important to talk about. people don't like to say if
5:33 pm
they have it but you have to talk about it. that's what keeps it from perpetuating. maryland is about to become the first state that can catch violent offenders on the run by scanning a license plate. many local departments have lie sent plate readers but today governor martin o'malley announced the state will create a single database. a stolen car or wanted criminal can be tracked down. primary elections in three states could strike fear into incumbents. he voters showed unhappiness. craig boswell has the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: in michigan, carolyn cheeks kirkpatrick lost her bid to return to congress. midterm elections could dramatically change the balance of power in the house. republicans need 40 seats to
5:34 pm
take control. on the senate side, two incumbent senators lost their primaries, one democrat and one republican. in the missouri primary, democrat robin car any an will place roy blunt for the show me state senate seat. >> i have heard missourianses are feed up with business as usual in washington. >> we want to be a country that doesn't put government ahead of people. >> reporter: missouri became the first state to reject a key part of the new health care law. voters approved proposition c prohibiting the government from requiring people to buy health insurance. 21 states filed suits against the health care plan. meantime, a new fox news opinion dynamic poll reveals 42% of voters think the health care law needs change. just 15% like it. amendments to change the health care law are on the ballot in
5:35 pm
arizona and oklahoma. experts believe if they pass, they will be overturned in court. first lady michelle obama and youngest daughter sasha are heading to spain. they checked into a hotel in mirabel lay. malia is not with them because she is away at summer camp. president obama is celebrating his 49th birthday today at work here in washington. later tonight, though, he is traveling to chicago to have dinner with friends then spend the night at his chicago home. he says as he gets older, his hair is getting grayer and his metabolism is slowing down. a big birthday party for the president. the group organizing for america had a cake and streamers at the falls church office. they worked to mobilize voters to support democrats in the november elections. president obama is already
5:36 pm
represented at madame tussauds's maximus must. now -- museum. they are creating a $2 million presidential gallery set to open next year and it will feature all 44 presidents. the rumor mill is working overtime tonight. who will replace simon, ellen and kara. an unlikely candidate is throwing his name in the ring. we have the scoop live from l.a. in 15 minutes. the queen of soul is recovering from a fall to. night we have the latest on aretha franklin's recovery still ahead.  [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper is 2 in 1. it sweeps and it mops.
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do you remember what you were doing when you were 14 years old? one 14-year-old is about to kick off the voyage of her journey around the world. she kicked off in the
5:40 pm
netherlands. she waved to the crowds then jumped on her yacht headed to portugal with her father then she will leave him behind to make the trip. divers in prince george county are uncovering a lost piece of history. they are searching for the uss scorpion lost during the war of 1812. the divers are looking for evidence that the debris in the water near upper marlboro is from the scorpion. if you think today's temperature climb was more than you could handle, guess what? >> relief is not exactly on the way. gary has the full forecast coming up next. -oh
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there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil.
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we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels. these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf.
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redskins fans will tell you they know everything about their favorite players on the field. what about off the field? sports director dave feldman has that. >> reporter: laura, thank you very much. we all know the xs and os, they like to hit, what position they are. >> we want to know more. we bring in lindsey murphy who everyday will introduce us to get to know someone better. we know how big and strong brian is. some people call him rack. >> he is a bruiser. this is a guy who made the pro bowl in his rookie season. in the 3-4 defense, his job is to blitz the quarterback and get a lot of sacks. it's one that he loves. here is more about brian off the football field.
5:45 pm
as the saying goes, everything is bigger in texas. that's why the redskins drafted brian as their first round pick in last year's draft. he had a huge first season earning a pro bowl nod after starting off 16 games and posting a team best 11 sacks. you know his game on the field. what about off the field. your favorite nickname. >> rack. sack post, rack attack, bad di rack, big iraq. anything with rack, that's me. >> reporter: the meal you must have before game? >> the meal i must have before a game? i love sushi. >> reporter: music that you listen to to pump you up.
5:46 pm
>> hip-hop. hip-hop and i like a little punk rock. you would be surprised. >> punk rock. >> yeah. >> like who. >> fall out boy. i know what i'm talking about. favorite vacation spot. >> bahamas, love it. >> reporter: something you can't live without? >> my 360. >> last but not least, 0 on my off days i like to -- >> sleep, but at the same time i love to watch movies. i'm a movie buck. i love going to the theaters and watch the new releases. that's a wrap. you got to know rack attack. >> i said what's your favorite movie. he said casino. >> i saw it.
5:47 pm
i loved it. '95. >> he just totally cheated. you looked at my notes. it stars robert deniro. dave feldman stole my notes. >> don reichels was in it. >> that does it for training camp now. when we come back, roger goodell speaks out about albert haynesworth situation. we will have that story when we continue live from training camp and gary mcgrady used to the texas heat, back to you guys. >> despite you sitting out in the heat, you look cool, though. >> we are cool customers. >> we have like a hundred fans out here. >> we have fans on our floor. steve williams is wearing jeans that look like lake tahoe.
5:48 pm
>> don't they hire professional separate sers for you. >> we have austin relievers out here fanning me personal. >> it's fun to hear about the players. hot day for whoever is out there on the field. >> absolutely. we have big thunderstorms to the west right now. i'm a little concerned about these, especially if they hold together. you can see how the air is laying out there. it's about as humid as it gets. the dew points are up into the middle 70s. that will keep our heat index soaring this evening and tomorrow, too. straight over to max hd radar. this is what i showed you earlier in the broadcast. there are a couple of things i want to key in on. you see countries in western maryland and extreme eastern sections of west virginia under a severe thunderstorm warning. they are issuing warnings in multiple counties ahead of this
5:49 pm
line. this is a complex of thunderstorms. i have pittsburgh radar tuned in. notice this bow in here, like a bow from a bow and arrow. that is characteristic of high wind. we had almost 100 reports of high wind from this storm coming through ohio, pennsylvania, a lot of trees down, roofs that have been blown off. the most intense right now, question number one, how much will survive as it comes across the mountains, as it comes across i-81. i think it will do a good job. we will get a weather watch soon. severe thunderstorm watch will probably be issued. we are seeing spinners indicating that there is circulation in these thunderstorms. occasionally ahead of the lines you can get spin ups and you have to worry about that, too. could be tornadoes in places. we will get you in tighter
5:50 pm
here. it's about to cross over cumberland an kaiser. you can see how intense this is. we are worried about the amount of lightning. extreme here in these. heavy rain as we thing across. there is a risk for severe weather and it extends along that line, across interstate 70, i-95 and through the mid- atlantic. the question is, how much will these storms be able to hold in intensity as they come on through and cross over the mountains and later on this evening. i suspect by about 8:00, 9:00 we will see the storms come through, at least western sections. a threat tomorrow afternoon for severe thunderstorms as we will heat up and have scattered thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon as well. 91 in the city. high of 93, 94. 91
5:51 pm
look what happens when we add in the heat index. dew point in the middle 70s, feels like 102 in town. 114 in fredricksburg. tomorrow afternoon it will be worse. i think it will be nice between 105 and 110 with the heat index. prepare for that. here is this complex of showers and thunderstorms moving in our direction. we had one move through this morning. you can see how quickly this is racing along. it's moving 60 to 70 miles per hour. that bow is not only intensifying but picking up in speed as well and that is indicative of strong winds as well. western maryland now and i expect the next two to three hours it will be moving through the area here. tomorrow, humid, hot and we have at least a chance for showers and thunderstorms late in the day. there could be a lingering shower tomorrow morning but not for everybody. noon it will be 93 degrees.
5:52 pm
it will feel like 100. 96 at 4:00 with scattered showers and thunderstorms. it will feel like about 105. farther south it will feel like 110 or more in places. the heat advisory has been posted from 11:00 tomorrow until 8:00 tomorrow night for everybody east of the mountains and all up and down i-95. temperature tomorrow, high of 97. the heat index 105 to 110. tomorrow is the last day of extreme heat then we get less humid for friday. the weekend looks gorgeous. high temperatures may stay in the 80s for a change and it won't be so humid. we will keep an eye on the thunderstorms. i am anticipating a weather watch within the hour. >> keep us updated. aretha franklin is canceling two new york concerts after she fell and hurt herself. she broke ribs and has stomach pain after falling sunday. doctors advice her to undergo tests. she is trying to reschedule the
5:53 pm
concerts set for late august. she was supposed to perform for a birthday party for charles rangel. lindsay lohan stripping down for a secret photo shoot. dax holt joins us live. give us the details. >> reporter: well, this is interesting. mark echo, a huge designer decided to hire lindsay lohan before she went into jail, did a shoot but did it with her head covered up so people would not w.h.o. who was the muse for the fashion line. body we unveiled who it was. he wanted her as the face for the new line. he said she is interesting, whether it's positive or negative, people find her fascinating. anyway you look at it, she is getting paid in rehab. that's good. >> we are talking about her and his clothing. the dark horse candidate to be a judge on idol is the cop
5:54 pm
from the village people? is this true or a rumor? >> no, this is true. so victor wills, the cop from the village people, he, i guess, wanted to be on "american idol." he said he wanted to be one of the new judges and went to executive producers and said, look, i was the guy that put the whole village people together so i have the talent. put me on stage. so, they said, sure, we will make you the dark horse candidate which i think in term means he won't be on the show. >> have you to love his aggressiveness. >> we will see you at 6:30 for tmz. >> let's head over to brian bolter for a look at what is coming up on the "news edge at 6:00". >> in six minutes a family's dog has to be put down after falling violently ill. looks like our competitors for the raid deathcathlon are rearin' to go.
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first a spray of hot shot for one team, and fast-killing raid for the other. and they're off! ( gunshot ) well half of them are. those hot shot bugs still showing some spunk. doing the cabinet climb, the sink swim, even the wall crawl. while the raid team is looking kind of... dead. uh-oh, this competition's over. ( spraying, pow ) ra-- ?! fast killing raid. kills bugs dead! s.c. johnson. a family company.
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accidents where cars hit deer, the big problem in the d.c. area. a new device is on the market to keep deer off the road. essex county, new jersey, installed 40 off the deer detectors. when a car's headlights hit the device, it sets off a high frequency noise that scares the deer off the road. incredible stuff. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now.
5:59 pm
>> he is by my side 24/7. this is really awful that somebody would do this. >> new on the edge tonight, a family dog in leesburg becomes ill and had to be put down. but the story doesn't stop there. investigators believe the animal was deliberately poisoned. john henrehan is live in the newsroom working this story. john? >> reporter: sometimes in these occasional cases of pet poisoning, you don't know what happened. in this instance there was evidence found at the scene that has lead investigators to conclude the animal was deliberately killed. most days a dog collar hangs from the rearview mirror of the jeep wrangler used by gigi. >> i have the collar. i hang this on my rearview mirror so i can carry him with me everyday. >> reporter: the collar belonged to


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